Will FSMA Put Many Small Farmers Out of Business?

In a blog Baylen Linnekin writes that while as of this week the produce rule applies only to large farms (Making < $500,000 in sales/Y), by 2020 FSMA will apply to farms with revenues of $25,000-$250,000. Many farmers fear the cost of compliance. The FDA cost estimate is $13,000/Y, while for large farms the estimate is $30,000/Y. That means that for some small farmers, compliance costs could eat more than half of their revenue. For larger farms, compliance costs will amount to less than one percent of revenue. There are reservations about the cost-benefit of this rule and if Congress should have passed the law. @ http://reason.com/blog/2018/02/03/fda-begins-implementing-awful-food-s-new
FDA Begins Implementing Awful Food-Safety Law: New at Reason

The Food Safety Modernization Act is going to put many small farmers out of business. Baylen Linnekin writes: America’s farmers are on the alert this

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