About The Site

This site is dedicated to food safety news, exchange of related information, and discussions about food safety issues and the protection of food supply. It is a non commercial (free) interactive forum for the discussion of topics facing the food safety, food hygiene, methodologies, food law, and the various commodities (dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, etc.).

The site is an interactive platform for the discussion of topics facing the food safety community. It is a place for the exchanges of information, share scientific knowledge, get expert opinions, and to deal with hot topics as they emerge for food safety, methodologies, microbiology, and food safety laws.

We hope that the site will become a premier focus point to obtain information and share information about food safety, the laws, methodologies used, and the main challenges facing us. The site contains informative blogs with topics related to food safety. We encourage people who are interested in food safety to register to the site and get involved. The site can become a good resource to the food safety community.

If you are an expert in the field, and have important topics to share, I would appreciate if you can post it directly into the news section of the site. We also welcome interesting blogs.

Dr. Ruth Eden (reden@askbioexpert.wpengine.com), President of BioExpert, has dedicated her career to the development of new microbiological products and their commercialization. She was the co-inventor of the BioLumix, Soleris and the Bactometer systems as well as some clinical systems. Dr. Eden has developed numerous methods and devices in microbiology that streamline procedures, minimize sample preparation, reduces time to results; provide automation and real time communication for faster and easier microbiological testing. Currently, she is dedicating her time to this website that should serve the food safety community.