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    The EU report on antimicrobial resistance of pathogens and indicator bacteria in 2019–2020

    According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance is increasing to dangerous levels worldwide. Novel resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally. There are numerous mechanisms reported for antibiotic resistance. In some cases, as bacteria...

  • In the news
    EFSA updated the multi-country Salmonella outbreak linked to Ferrero Chocolate products

    EFSA and ECDC have updated the multi-country outbreak of monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium infections linked to Ferrero chocolate products in its Belgian plant. Cases stood at 324 (including both probable and confirmed) in t...

  • In the news
    Reducing the hazard of microbial food safety in the production of seeds for sprouting

    The FDA issued final guidance for “Reducing Microbial Food Safety Hazards in the Production of Seed for Sprouting.”  The document outline the FDA concerns about foodborne illness outbreaks associated with th...

  • Blog
    Abbott’s infant formula contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella is recalled worldwide

    On February 17, 2022, the FDA announced that it is investigating four consumer complaints of infant illness- related to products from Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, MI facility. The FDA received consumer complaints about infants...

  • In the news
    FDA updates on activities to mitigate infant formula supply problems-reaches an agreement with Abbott Nutrition

    The FDA announced an update on its ongoing work to increase the supply and availability of infant formula since the closure of Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis in Michigan. A proposed consent decree of permanent injunction b...

  • In the news
    After Strauss recalls due to Salmonella Tnuva factory finds suspicious Salmonella as well

    The recent recall of Strauss in Nof Hagalil due to Salmonella caused the Israeli health ministry to close the factory for 3 months. As a result, there are no Strauss/Elite products on any shelf in Israel. The Ministry of Hea...

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