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    Coronavirus and its impact on food safety and food supply

    The Coronavirus outbreak called COVID19 killed over 2,000 people (all but 6, in China) and had infected more than 75,000 people. COVID19 is not transmitted through food; the virus needs a host (animal...

  • In the news
    USDA data on shipments of romaine lettuce can inform foodborne illness outbreak investigations

    An analysis conducted by the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) demonstrates how USDA data on daily shipments of romaine lettuce information may allow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to rule out an enti...

  • In the news
    In China poultry and eggs supply are limited as frozen pork, chicken, beef pile up at ports due to Coronavirus

    Restrictions on moving livestock have paralyzed the supply chains of poultry and eggs, leaving farmers stuck with large inventories. Chinese officials are predicting that the coronavirus outbreak could affect the availabilit...

  • Blog
    Continual Underfunding of Food Research Puts the Food System at Risk, Says IFT

    The Institute of Food Technology (IFT) published a white about the underfunding of food safety and its consequences. Food research in the US is Food research in the United States is constantly underfunded....

  • In the news
    Completed outbreak investigation of Salmonella Javiana in fruit mix (December 2019)

    The investigation of an outbreak of illnesses caused by Salmonella Javiana showed that it was linked to fruit mix with cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and grapes from Tailor Cut Produce of North Brunswick, New Jersey. CDC h...

  • In the news
    Rapid identification of Campylobacter strains cultured under Aerobic conditions using Hyperspectral Microscope Imaging

    Traditional methods for detecting and isolating Campylobacter from broiler chicken carcasses require time, expensive reagents, and artificially generated microaerophilic atmospheres. An aerobic medium that simplifies the pro...

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