Using New Categorization Procedures the FSIS will Post Salmonella Status for Establishments Producing Chicken Parts and Other Poultry Products

On Nov. 23, 2018, FSIS will begin posting Salmonella performance standard information for raw chicken parts and comminuted poultry products for individual establishments. FSIS will continue to post data for young chicken and turkey carcasses. FSIS will issue a Federal Register notice announcing how the agency is changing its categorization procedure that will be based on one 52-week window and will exclude FSIS follow-up sampling results. On Oct. 31, 2018, the sampling results for FSIS regulated products will be updated on the agency’s website. The data will be published quarterly. @
Constituent Update - October 26, 2018

FSIS to Post Individual Salmonella Category Status for Establishments Producing Chicken Parts and NRTE Comminuted Poultry Products Using New Categorization Procedures; more

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