Using Artificial Intelligence and Automation to Improve Food Safety

An interesting article in "Risk and Insurance" discussing how, improvements in sensor technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence can improve significantly food safety. Automation is coming to the chain of food production and distribution. Farmers are using drones and sensors to improve yields and food safety. Water, pesticides, and fertilizers are not applied uniformly across entire fields. Instead, are targeted to specific areas and use drones to deliver what is needed where. In food production robots powered by artificial intelligence and equipped with x-rays, lasers, and cameras can instantly “pick and place” items by color, shape, and size. Rather than manually record temperature readings on a clipboard, automated temperature readers can upload data to the cloud from any connected mobile device. Temperature and other data can be immediately shared with all partners in the supply chain. @
Food & Tech: Using AI and Automation to Improve Food Safety

The agriculture industry is ready to embrace robots and artificial intelligence to make farming and food safety more efficient.

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