USDA plans to reorganize and move employees out of DC

As part of a plan by Secretary Sonny Perdue to cut costs in the federal bureaucracy he plans to relocate the Economic Research Service (ERS), which provides research and statistical analysis for lawmakers, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), which oversees the allocation of federal funding for primarily academic research across the country outside of Washington DC. He is planning to move the roughly 300from the research unit, along with another division, NIFA, out of Washington and closer to America’s farmers. The potential locations include Indiana, Kansas City or North Carolina's Research Triangle. Perdue believes that the move will save money and make research more relevant. @
Unhappy With Findings, Agriculture Department Plans to Move Its Economists Out of Town

The relocation is viewed by critics as the latest case of the Trump administration stifling the work of nonpartisan experts.

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