Update on the outbreak investigation of Hepatitis A infections from frozen strawberries (February 2023)

The FDA updated the status of the outbreak from frozen strawberries. California Splendor recalled Kirkland Signature 4-lb. bag of Frozen Organic Whole Strawberries in certain states. Scenic Fruit recalled frozen organic strawberries Simply Nature, Organic Strawberries, Best By 06/14/2024; Vital Choice, Organic Strawberries, BEST BY 05/20/2024; Kirkland Signature, Organic Strawberries, Best If Used By 10/08/2024; Made With, Organic Strawberries, Best Before 11/20/2024; PCC Community Markets, Organic Strawberries, Best By 29/10/2024; Trader Joe’s, Organic Tropical Fruit Blend with the following Best By dates: 04/25/24; 05/12/24; 05/23/24; 05/30/24; 06/07/24. California Splendor supplied recalled products to Costco stores in Los Angeles and Hawaii and two San Diego business centers. Scenic Fruit supplied recalled products to Costco, Aldi, KeHE, Vital Choice Seafood, and PCC Community Markets in specific states and Trader Joe’s nationwide. On March 17, 2023, Meijer also issued a press release to recall frozen organic strawberries from market store locations voluntarily. As of May 5, 2023, a total of 9 outbreak-associated cases of hepatitis A have been reported from 3 states. Based on epidemiological data collected by CDC, 9/9 (100%) people who provided information about what they ate before becoming ill reported eating frozen organic strawberries.  As this investigation is ongoing, additional products may be included. @ https://www.fda.gov/food/outbreaks-foodborne-illness/outbreak-investigation-hepatitis-virus-infections-frozen-strawberries-february-2023?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery


 Hepatitis A Virus Infections: Frozen Strawberries (February 2023)
Hepatitis A Virus Infections: Frozen Strawberries (February 2023)

Additional case has been added. Do not eat, sell, or serve recalled Frozen Organic Strawberries. FDA’s investigation is ongoing.

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