Traceability of leafy greens: a progress report

Food Safety Magazine reported on several pilot studies in response to the FDA’s initiative of tracing produce. Pilot results that an investigation can be conducted more effectively when supply chain partners gather information from each other.  The pilots also revealed that an enhanced standard template could improve the speed of tracing procedures. One of the most important findings emphasized extended data generation and knowledge of existing product movement. Additional data beyond the traceback template was required. It was these other data requests that proved critical in identifying the finished product lot number. The pilot studies showed that there could be an ability to narrow down the lot code of the hypothetical “contaminated product” purchased by the consumer. @

 Traceability Progress in the Leafy Greens Sector
Traceability Progress in the Leafy Greens Sector

Six industry organizations have released a report outlining 4 months of leafy green traceability pilots in response to a request by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for improved traceability in the food system.

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