The USDA Gave the Green Light to CRISPR’d Food

The U.S. Department of Agriculture gave the go-ahead to a handful of crops that have been genetically engineered using CRISPR (the DNA editor). This week, the USDA made their position official. US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the decision. The logic is this: You can alter a plant’s genetics through classical breeding techniques like crossbreeding. So as long as scientists are tweaking plants in ways that hypothetically could have been achieved through more traditional means there is no more health risk to consumers than any other breeding method. Genetic alteration through CRISPR is just a faster, more direct way of obtaining the same outcome. The USDA believes that a mushroom that has simply had one of its genes deleted isn’t much of a threat. None of those CRISPR crops have yet made it to supermarkets, but with this endorsement from the USDA, they may soon be on an aisle near you. @
The USDA Just Gave the Green Light to CRISPR'd Food

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