The Mystery Solved: the Listeria Outbreak in South African due to Polony and other Meats

After more than a year of investigation, 948 cases and 180 death, the South Africa government traced the cold meat polony as the source of the Listeria poisoning. The government advised consumers to avoid all ready-to-eat processed meat. Supermarkets in South Africa have been clearing a popular sausage from the shelves after it was blamed for a food poisoning outbreak behind 180 deaths. It is believed that the outbreak has originated in a factory in the northern city of Polokwane, which makes Enterprise Food products. The chief executive of Tiger Brands, which owns the Enterprise label, insisted on Monday that "no direct link" had been proved between its products and any of the 180 deaths. @

Shops bin meat amid SA sausage scare

South Africa says polony and other meats may not be safe, after a food poisoning outbreak kills 180.

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