The first outbreak of COVID in Pacific Northwest Seafood Industry

Although the Pacific Northwest seafood companies drafted rigorous plans to eliminate the spread of coronavirus in the industry, where processors also work in close quarters, an outbreak just erupted. The industry just saw its first outbreak aboard a large vessel with an onboard fish processing factory. Seattle-based American Seafoods verified that 92 crew from its American Dynasty ship had tested positive for COVID, nearly 3/4 of the 126 people on board. American Seafoods says it tested workers before they were allowed on board, but its minimum advance quarantine was just five days, not the 14 days for infected people to show symptoms. The new measures taken to prevent an outbreak included masks, temperature checks, and screenings before boarding did not seem to prevent the outbreak. This outbreak isn't the first coronavirus case among seafood workers. Bristol Seafood closed its processing plant in Maine for two days after five workers tested positive for coronavirus, and a Trident Seafood worker in Alaska tested positive last month. But this is the first outbreak at sea. American Seafoods reported that 25 crew members tested positive on two different fishing vessels, the Northern Jaeger and the American Triumph. Each ship has more than 110 workers. Most of the crew on the ships tested negative, but there were four positives on Triumph and 21 on Northern Jaeger. @

 COVID-19 Outbreak In Pacific Northwest Seafood Industry As Season Ramps Up
COVID-19 Outbreak In Pacific Northwest Seafood Industry As Season Ramps Up

Most of the crew on one massive seafood trawler has tested positive for COVID-19. Other vessels also have cases, despite sweeping measures to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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