The FDA uses 21 FORWARD data to support COVID-19 vaccine distribution to Food and Agriculture workers

The FDA has been using a new data analysis tool, called 21 FORWARD, to help inform their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through a partnership between the FDA, members of Operation Warp Speed, the CDC, and the USDA, data from 21 FORWARD is also being made available to assist states with their planning efforts for vaccine distribution.  The FDA contributes information from its 21 FORWARD tool on the estimated numbers and distribution of food and agriculture sector employees who work at FDA regulated food facilities. On December 22, the CDC recommended that food and agriculture workers be among the essential front-line workers covered in the second phase of the vaccine rollout. The 21 FORWARD tool was designed to enable the FDA to use the CDC forecast data to track the incidence of COVID-19 across the country and identify areas in which its spread.  21 FORWARD will allow a better understanding of the food supply chain and its vulnerabilities. The FDA is using the power of data and employing analytical skills to help keep food industry workers safe and support the food supply chain. @

 Unleashing the Power of Data to Support Food and Agriculture Workers
Unleashing the Power of Data to Support Food and Agriculture Workers

FDA’s 21 FORWARD Tool Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution to Food and Agriculture Workers

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