The FDA update on Salmonella Litchfield in fresh raw salmon and other sea foods

The FDA, CDC, and local partners are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella Litchfield outbreak linked to fresh, raw salmon supplied to restaurants in California and Arizona by Mariscos Bahia, Inc. Based on epidemiologic information provided by the CDC and interviews conducted by state and local public health officials, of 16 people interviewed, 12 reported eating sushi, sashimi, or poke. Of those interviewed, 11 people remembered details about the type of fish consumed, and nine reported eating raw salmon before getting sick. The FDA’s investigation traced the distribution of fresh, raw salmon back to Mariscos Bahia, Inc. In addition, the FDA collected an environmental sample that included multiple swabs at Mariscos Bahia, Inc. (Pico Rivera, CA). Multiple environmental swabs collected at the facility are positive for Salmonella. The WGS completed to date indicates the Salmonella detected in at least one of the swabs from the facility matches the outbreak strain. Epidemiological evidence indicates that ill people consumed fresh, raw salmon processed at the facility. Additional types of fish processed in the same area of the facility could also be contaminated. The firm initiated a voluntary recall on October 20, 2022. @

 Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella: Seafood (October 2022)
Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella: Seafood (October 2022)

Restaurants should not sell or serve multiple types of recalled seafood from Mariscos Bahia, Inc. FDA’s investigation is ongoing

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