The FDA sends a warning letter to D’Andrea Foods due to lack of HACCP system

The FDA sent a warning letter to D’Andrea Foods Inc. of East Bridgewater, MA claiming that the company had serious violations of the seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulation. As a result, the refrigerated, ready-to-eat (rRTE) seafood salads and tuna salads are adulterated due to the unsanitary conditions of their preparation, production, and packaging. According to the FDA D’Andrea Foods does not have the mandatory HACCP plan. Production of rRTE seafood salads must have a plan to control the food safety hazard of pathogenic bacteria growth and toxin formation and scombrotoxin (histamine) formation. FDA demands that the company conduct a HACCP analysis, list the hazards and include appropriate critical control points, critical limits, monitoring procedures and frequencies, verification procedures and frequencies, and provide for a recordkeeping system. @
D’Andrea Foods Inc. 3/15/19

Seafood HACCP/CGMP for Foods/Adulterated/Insanitary Conditions

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