The FDA alerted concerning cinnamon products due to the presence of elevated levels of lead

On March 06, 2024, the FDA reported that through testing, it had determined that ground cinnamon products might have elevated levels of lead and that prolonged exposure to these products may be unsafe. Following the October 2023 recall of cinnamon apple puree and applesauce products due to elevated lead levels linked to the cinnamon in those products and the concern for lead toxicity in children, the FDA initiated a targeted survey of ground cinnamon products from discount retail stores and analyzed the samples for lead and chromium.  Based on survey results, the FDA recommends recalls of ground cinnamon from six distributors whose products had elevated lead levels ranging from 2.03 to 3.4 parts per million (ppm). The products include La Fiesta La Fiesta Food Products La Miranda, CA; Marcum Moran Foods, LLC Saint Ann, MO; MK MTCI Santa Fe Springs, CA; Swad Raja Foods LLC Skokie, IL; Supreme Tradition Greenbriar International, Inc. Chesapeake, VA, and El Chilar El Chilar Apopka, FL. The levels in these products are significantly in these products are lower than the levels of lead associated with, the manufacturer of the apple puree and applesauce products, which were between 2,270 ppm to 5,110 ppm in the cinnamon.  @


 FDA Alert Concerning Certain Cinnamon Products
FDA Alert Concerning Certain Cinnamon Products

The FDA is advising consumers to throw away and not to buy the ground cinnamon products listed above because samples of these products were found to contain elevated levels of lead.

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