Some food employees get sick with COVID, plant suspended and White House is considering tests for food workers

Some employees in food manufacturing facilities test positive for COVID-19. Three employees of Iowa-based West Liberty Foods have tested positive for COVID-19and the West Liberty plant has been closed until Tuesday, April 14. The infected team members and individuals working in proximity who were determined to be at moderate or high risk have been sent home to self-quarantine with pay. The company will conduct an “intensive cleaning. The Trump administration is exploring options for conducting coronavirus testing for all U.S. food plant employees, to help keep the food supply chain moving through the pandemic. Several meat processing plants have closed down in the last five days, some for a few days and others for two weeks and possibly more. Some companies are facing criticism for continuing to operate, with workers saying the gear and policy changes meant to reduce the chances of spreading the virus within the production plant environment are inadequate. Widespread testing would help identify positive cases and assure other workers’ safety.@ is the online community for North American beef, pork and poultry processors.

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