Sedgwick report for food and beverage in the US

The Sedgwick brand protection Recall Index is the essential reference for manufacturers and retailers seeking impartial and reliable perspectives on past, present, and future recall data and product safety trends. In the food and beverage area, a massive salmonella outbreak of whole onions dominated food safety news for a portion of the fourth quarter and led to a 1,547% increase in units recalled compared to the third quarter. However, total recall events in 2021 (414) fell to their lowest number in 11 years. The nine pathogens tracked by CDC saw a decrease in recall activity of 29% between 2019 and 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic might have caused some of the declines. Impacted units in 2021 doubled from the previous year but remained significantly below their 10-year annual average (52.1M vs. 125.3M). The number of FDA food recalls increased slightly at a rate of 2.2 % (from 414 recalls in 2021 to 423 recalls in 2022). @


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