Search for mystery ‘nationally distributed food item’ that has triggered E. coli in over 100 people across the UK

Officials are searching for a mystery food item behind an outbreak of E.coli, which has struck down 113 people and left at least 37 hospitalized. The source of the current wave of cases hasn't yet been discovered, but there are fears that Britain's looming barbecue season, when many may under-cook items like burgers, could fuel an even bigger outbreak. 'It's a particularly nasty variant of E.coli, and we have a high hospitalization rate,' Professor Nicola Holden said. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) believes cases are linked to a 'nationally distributed food item' or 'multiple food items' and that they are investigating the cause. Two-thirds of those known to have been infected by the bacteria in England have become so severely ill they needed hospital care. UKHSA said 113 cases were logged between May 25 and June 4, but more are expected. Of these, 81 were in England, 18 in Wales, and 13 in Scotland.  @


 Hunt for mystery 'nationally distributed food item' that led to E.coli
Hunt for mystery 'nationally distributed food item' that led to E.coli

Experts say the rare Shiga toxigenic (STEC) variant of the diarrhoea-causing bug is ‘particularly nasty’ and issued a warning to handle and cook food hygienically.

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