Salmonella Agona outbreak in Sweden and Finland

From November 1 to date, 26 people in Sweden have been confirmed to be infected with Salmonella Agona. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has shown that the disease cases carry the same strain of Salmonella Agona and are thus suspected of having been infected by a common source. The cases, aged 3-86 years (median=32 years), are from twelve different regions in Sweden, and 15 infected are women. The outbreak strain of Salmonella Agona has also been identified in several cases of illness in Norway. Work to identify the source of infection, which is suspected to be a food with wide distribution in Sweden and Norway, takes place in collaboration between infection control units, the Swedish Food Agency and the Norwegian Public Health Agency, as well as with Norwegian authorities.@

 Salmonella Agona (internationellt november 2022-) — Folkhälsomyndigheten
Salmonella Agona (internationellt november 2022-) — Folkhälsomyndigheten

Från den 1 november har 26 personer i Sverige bekräftats smittade med Salmonella Agona. Samma stam av Salmonella har även identifierad hos norska sjukdomsfall. Utbrottet utreds.

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