Romaine Recall Causes Interruptions in Trucking Industry

Some romaine lettuce is coming back to stores, with new labeling that includes where the product was grown. However, the trucking industry according to Transport Topics ( still has the task to decide how to track romaine lettuce in the future, in case of another E. coli outbreak. During the November recall, truckloads of romaine lettuce were in transit as the recall came down. The truckers were told to destroy the product but found it difficult to find places to dump the truckloads full of lettuce. While health officials could guess that the lettuce came from central California. Nevertheless, retailers and trucking companies took everything romaine in the chain and on the shelves and tossed it in the trash. Eventually, tons of lettuce were sent to landfills and dumps. Because officials at FDA and CDC could not pinpoint the source of the contamination, tons of safe food from Arizona and elsewhere were thrown out with the bad. Romaine lettuce is difficult to find currently and many restaurants are not serving it.
Romaine Recall Causes Disruption in Trucking Industry

Romaine lettuce is shipping again after a late November outbreak of E. coli, but only after the federal government began a new round of negotiating with producers for changes in tracking.

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