Public Health Alert Concerning a Possible Listeria Contamination of French Soft Ripened Cheese

The FDA is alerting the public to possible contamination of l’Explorateur soft-ripened cheese with Listeria monocytogenes. This pasteurized, cow’s milk cheese was made by in St. Simeon, France and distributed throughout the U.S. L’Explorateur cheese has been packaged in clear plastic containers and is sold in the form of small, circular wheels in 250g quantities. The sell-by dates on the package include May 7, 2019, and May 14, 2019. The Société Fromagère de la Brie firm is subject to an FDA Import Alert, allowing the agency to detain the food without physical examination until the firm demonstrates that its products no longer appear to violate the FDA’s requirements. The same cheese was recalled in several other countries. @
Listeria Contamination of French Soft Ripened Cheese

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