Produce Safety Partnership between the U.S. FDA – Mexico

The report states that Mexico has established a framework for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This framework is based on preventive standards, verification, and certification programs for fresh produce and covers the full supply chain from growing through distribution. Mexico has charged its Federal Departments of Agriculture to work collaboratively to implement its GAP framework and, thus, foster enhanced produce safety. Mexico and the U.S. have cooperated on joint inspections and responses to produce-related outbreaks Mexican officials routinely accompany U.S. FDA during surveillance inspections at Mexican food firms, including produce firms. Likewise, U.S. FDA accompanies COFEPRIS and SENASICA during inspections of U.S. produce farms and facilities that export to Mexico. The Produce Safety Partnership (PSP) will exchanged information on outbreak response. Will establish an information-sharing platform. Share information on laboratory validation methods used. Shared microbial strain isolates and information on laboratory methodologies to isolate and identify the main foodborne pathogens in produce @
Progress Report on the U.S. FDA – Mexico Produce Safety Partnership

The Produce Safety Partnership (PSP) is a groundbreaking collaboration to address the evolving nature of the production and distribution practices facing our respective countries. This report highlights how Mexico and the U.S. are working together to ensure the safety of fresh and minimally processed produce.

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