Persistent strain of Salmonella Hadar (REPTDK01) linked to Backyard Poultry and Ground Turkey

The CC reported that REPTDK01 is a persistent strain of Salmonella Hadar that has caused illnesses and outbreaks in the US. Illness caused by this strain was first reported to PulseNet in 2019, and the first outbreak was detected in 2020. Illnesses caused by this strain occur year-round but are more common in the spring and summer. In the past, the REPTDK01 strain has spread to people through animal contact and contaminated food. This strain is relatively diverse genetically. Starting in 2020, CDC and local, state, territorial, and federal health and regulatory partners have investigated several outbreaks of Salmonella Hadar illnesses caused by the REPTDK01 strain. This strain has been identified in both backyard poultry and food poultry products, but it is not yet understood how this contamination has occurred. Evidence collected during outbreak investigations indicates this strain is widespread in both industries. Overall, 197 isolates were detected in food products, 25 from backyard poultry or their habitats, and 24 in animal cecal (intestinal) contents during 2019–2023. In 2022, one isolate was obtained from a pet dog via endoscopy performed at a veterinary hospital. Salmonella from people’s samples most commonly showed resistance to the antimicrobials streptomycin and tetracycline.  @

 Persistent Strain of Salmonella Hadar (REPTDK01) Linked to Poultry
Persistent Strain of Salmonella Hadar (REPTDK01) Linked to Poultry

CDC is investigating a persistent strain of Salmonella in the US.

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