Pathogen Detection by NEMIS Technologies a novel approach for food safety

Rapid Microbiology reported that NEMIS Technologies has developed an innovative N-Light™ test in food safety through a unique combination of phages and AquaSpark™ technology. NEMIS revolutionizes pathogen detection by targeting specific bacteria with bacteriophage cocktails, and their method has high sensitivity due to a chemiluminescent reaction. The assay starts with a selective enrichment broth with phages. In the NEMIS N-Light™ tests, bacteriophages play a crucial role by selectively targeting and destroying bacteria competing with the target pathogen. A unique cocktail of bacteriophages targets specific strains that traditional selective agents can't eliminate. Thus, potential false positives or false negatives are avoided. The assay can detect Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. The heart of the technology lies in AquaSpark™.  This technology operates through a two-part system. The presence of the target enzyme triggers a reaction with the AquaSpark™ molecule. A reacted molecule rearranges and produces a bright light, which is then detected by the system's device. The Biosafety Cap ensures the containment of enriched harmful pathogens. NEMIS Technologies' N-Light™ tests offer a safe, selective, and highly sensitive solution. Ensuring the highest performance standards for L. monocytogenes, Salmonella Risk, E. coli, and ATP detection. @

 Revolutionizing Pathogen Detection
Revolutionizing Pathogen Detection

NEMIS Technologies N-Light™ tests offer a safe, selective, and highly sensitive solution for pathogen detection. This three-pronged approach ensures the h

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