Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Uganda Linked to Whole, Fresh Papayas

An outbreak of 62 Salmonella Uganda illnesses potentially linked to whole, fresh papayas imported from Mexico is being investigated by the U.S. FDA (https://www.fda.gov/food/outbreaks-foodborne-illness/outbreak-investigation-salmonella-uganda-potentially-linked-whole-fresh-papayas-june-2019?utm_campaign=Outbreak%3A%20Salmonella%20Whole%2C%20Fresh%20Papayas_06282019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua), along with the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/salmonella/uganda-06-19/index.html), and state and local partners. These illnesses have been reported in eight states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, and Texas) and 23 people were hospitalized. The preliminary data generated indicates that whole, fresh papayas from Mexico are the source of this outbreak. There are no recalled products at this time. In 2017, at least 251 people across 25 states were sickened from papayas imported from Mexico. Maradol Papayas was indicated as the source of four outbreaks involving eight strains of Salmonella. These included Salmonella Urbana, Salmonella Newport, Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Anatum, Salmonella Thompson, Salmonella Kiambu, Salmonella Agona and Salmonella Gaminara.
Salmonella Uganda Potentially Linked to Whole, Fresh Papayas

Consumers in six states warned to avoid whole, fresh papayas from Mexico

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