More Traceability is Needed: is the Solution for the E. coli Outbreak…Blockchain?

The E. coli outbreak that started a couple of weeks ago when the health department in New Jersey discovered a cluster of sick people carrying a single strain of O157:H7. This outbreak sickened 98 people in 22 states and was caused by romaine lettuce. But tracking down the contaminated lettuce has proved challenging. Investigators finally traced those heads to a Yuma business called Harrison Farms. In the US tracking produce to their source is challenging. Until better traceability is achieved more people fall ill and massive amounts of food get thrown away. As a result, vast amounts of romaine lettuce are being dumped. Retailers such as Costco and Kroger are removing lettuce and prepared salads from their produce sections, as do ready-to-eat producers. To improve food safety, a stronger chain of data is needed. @
The Fix for E. Coli Outbreaks Could Be...the Blockchain

By the time the US figures out the source of the E Coli contamination, many more people will have gotten sick. Making our food supply traceable could speed things up.

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