Michigan Becomes First State to Require COVID-19 Testing for Agricultural and Food Processing Workers

Michigan is the first state to issue an emergency order mandating COVID-19 testing for workers in the agricultural and food processing industries. The order applies to migrant housing camp operators as well as employers of migrant or seasonal workers and meat, poultry, and egg processing facilities and greenhouses with more than 20 employees on-site at a time. Employers are required to do a baseline test of all workers, test any new worker, and test any worker symptoms or exposure. Operators of migrant housing camps are required to test once all residents ages 18 and over. Test all new residents with 48 hours of arrival, with separate housing for newly arriving residents for 14 days and a second test 10 to 14 days after arrival. Test any residence with symptoms or exposure. After the completion of baseline, testing and implementation of ongoing testing should be done no later than August 24. @ https://foodindustryexecutive.com/2020/08/michigan-becomes-first-state-to-require-covid-19-testing-for-agricultural-and-food-processing-workers/

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