Method for Efficient Removal and Capture of Microorganisms from Contaminated Surfaces

Enhancements in organism recovery would assist in implementing Pathogen Environmental monitoring FSMA requirements. A sonicating swab device was demonstrated to remove biofilm from stainless steel more efficiently than a standard cotton swab. The performance of the sonicating swab was compared to that of the standard cotton swab for the recovery of Listeria monocytogenes from inoculated surfaces (plastic cutting board, wood cutting board, vinyl floor tile, and quarry clay floor tile). The sonicating swab captured significantly (P ≤ 0.05) more L. monocytogenes than the cotton swab. This study expands upon the capabilities of the sonicating swab technology to recover cells from multiple surface types with increased performance over traditional swabbing methods as a tool to further assist in the prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks. @
Efficacy of a Sonicating Swab for Removal and Capture of Microorganisms from Experimental and Natural Contaminated Surfaces

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