Master Control reported that consumer product recalls have Risen 115% since 2018

Master Control reported that data shows that the FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are up 115% since 2018. During that time frame, the FDA initiated over 1,000 food and drug recalls, and the CPSC initiated over 1,500 product recalls. Overall, the market is on track to hit 443 recalls across both agencies by the end of 2023, a significant jump from pre-pandemic levels. Child safety is the leading cause of recalls for the CSPC, with more than one in five recalls involving child and baby products — more than any other category. The most-recalled products by the FDA are food and beverages (64%), followed by drugs (22%), animal and veterinary products (6%), and medical devices (4%). Allergens are the most common reason for recalls by the FDA (34%), followed by Foodborne illnesses (25%), contamination and inadequate processing. Foods with undeclared or mislabeled allergens are recalled 1.6 times more often than products recalled for foodborne illnesses. FSMA might be a likely reason for the increase. @



Consumer Product Recalls Surge - Up 115% Since 2018

Dive into the data behind a 115% rise in recalls. Explore causes, trends, and the impact on industries. Prioritize quality management with MasterControl’s technology. Stay informed and proactive in the evolving landscape.

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