Maryland Department of Health warning against the consumption of La Cieba, La Colonia, and Selectos Latinos cheeses due to S. aureus and E. coli

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) warned consumers not to eat the La Cieba, La colonia, and Sector Latinos cheeses because they may be contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. These cheeses come under a variety of names such as Cuajada el Terron, Queso Morolique con Chile, Queso Con Loroco, Queso Con Chile, Queso Frijolero, Queso Duro Blando Salvadoreno, Queso Salvadoreno, and Queso Seco Salvadoreno. @,-La-Colonia-and-Selectos-Latinos-cheeses-amid-contamina.aspx

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