Lethal Swedish Listeria outbreak causes four death and prompts a recall

Listeria was linked to four deaths in Västra Götaland, in western Sweden. Experts at the Centre for Communicable Disease Control (Smittskydd) stressed that all those who died from the outbreak were elderly people or affected by other illnesses. The Food Company released a statement with information about all the products impacted by this recall. The recalled products were single portion, pre-cooked and chilled packet meals - contained mashed potatoes. The company explained that the machine that made the mash was responsible for the outbreak. "This machine has been discarded and is no longer at our factory. We take the event seriously and will implement a number of measures to prevent this from happening again," the company said in a statement. @ https://www.thelocal.se/20180518/lethal-listeria-outbreak-prompts-food-recall-in-sweden
Lethal listeria outbreak prompts food recall in Sweden

Products from a food producer in western Sweden have been recalled after they were linked to a deadly outbreak of listeria.

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