Jimmy John’s Sprouts Contaminated with Salmonella Montevideo

Eight people from three states —Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota — have been infected with Salmonella montevideo. “Epidemiologic evidence indicates that raw sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants are a likely source of this multistate outbreak,” CDC’s outbreak notice said. Jimmy John’s took all raw sprouts off the menu at all 2,727 franchise locations. @ http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2018/01/record-shows-jimmy-johns-sprouts-repeatedly-sicken-patrons/#.WmdlO6inGM9
Record shows Jimmy John's sprouts repeatedly sicken patrons | Food Safety News

The crowdsourcing site www.iwaspoisoned.com continues to show the Illinois-Wisconsin region as the center of a Salmonella montevideo outbreak likely caused by raw sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was able to get a public warning out on the latest outbreak involving Jimmy John’s on Friday, just before the… Continue Reading

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