Israeli scientist developed a 15-minute Covid-19 PCR test

Dr. Amos Danielli and his laboratory technicians at the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University developed a game-changer approach to testing Covid-19 using PCR. Danielli and his team added additional materials to the traditional assay, which gives the molecules in the solution a magnetic charge as well. An electromagnet is affixed to the PCR machine so that in real-time, the genetic information is collected and drawn closer to the sensors. Therefore, the identification of Covid-19 in a sample can be much quicker and test a greater amount of genetic information much earlier in the testing process. The assay look at how much light is emitted in the solution, and the amount of light increases at every PCR step, or as the machine’s sensor doubles the amount of genetic information. The technology is cutting down from 1-1 ½ hour to just 15 minutes. During the study, 274 samples were taken, 140 of which yielded negative-Covid-19 results, while 134 cases were found to be infected with the virus. In 100% of the cases, the new test (MagBiosense) test results were identical to that of the standard PCR tests, with a typical test-taking around 30 minutes. @,7340,L-3884554,00.html



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