Israeli Health Ministry approves the return of Strauss-Elite chocolates to the market after the Salmonella outbreak

In early May 2022, the Israeli Health Ministry stopped all Strauss-Elite sweets productions due to Salmonella in their chocolates. Meanwhile, the Dark Parra and Splendid chocolate brands are being made at factories in France and Belgium specializing in chocolate. Consumers who have been missing Strauss-Elite sweets will be somewhat relieved. Some four months after Salmonella was found in some of the company’s products, Israel’s premier chocolate maker is gearing up to resume candy-making. The Health Ministry announced that the plant would be allowed to gradually return to activity after a sanitary and technological audit carried out at the Strauss Elite Nof Hagalil plant. The improvements made to the facility include repairs to the roof, equipment replacement, and a new floor. The ministry said it would continue the audits until the plant can be allowed to return to full operation. After the audit, ministry inspectors approved a return to production of regular and gluten-free waffles. The approval was given after all the actions demanded of the factory had been implemented, including the thorough cleaning of equipment and inspectors satisfied that production lines met the new standards. @

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