In Slovenia, an outbreak of Salmonella linked to steak tartar

In the fall of 2022, Slovenia saw an increased number of salmonella infections detected in several regions. Several patients sought medical attention and a few required hospitalizations. The outbreak began in November 2022. The patients described consuming steak tartar a day or a few days before the development of symptoms. One hundred thirty-eight salmonella infections were reported between November 12 and 26, 2022, including 70 women and 68 men. The Slovenian authorities’ recorded 94 laboratory-confirmed cases and 44 probable cases.33 people were treated in the hospital, and no death was recorded. Investigations and analyzes carried out by the Food Safety Administration on the samples taken of salmonella-infected beef tartar confirmed that the common source of the November infections was the beefsteak from the Fingušt plant in Mesnina Štajerska. The epidemic strain of Salmonella enteritidis that circulated in our country was not recorded in any other country from which the feedback was sent. The meat originated in Spain, and the product was recalled from the market. @



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