In Quebec, Olymel pork processing plant has an outbreak of COVID-19 involving 62 employees and one death

At an Olymel-owned pork processing plant in Quebec's 62 workers tested positive for COVID-19 (out of 159 workers tested), and one worker died after testing positive the day before. The regional health authorities are trying to determine whether the coronavirus caused the worker's death. The Olymel Vallee-Jonction union, representing 1,050 workers at the plant, has called for the facility to be temporarily closed. The company said that sanitary measures put in place during the first wave of the pandemic had been relaxed over the summer. However, public health officials have not yet recommended the plant be closed. The company claims that mitigation measures remain in place, and employees are encouraged to get tested as Olymel continues to follow public health directives. @

 Quebec COVID-19 restrictions likely to be extended
Quebec COVID-19 restrictions likely to be extended

Union calls for Quebec slaughterhouse to be closed after COVID-19 outbreak

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