In Israel, Cronobacter was found in Mehadrin Materna baby formula

The Jerusalem Post reported that Cronobacter had been found in the Israeli production line of Materna Mehadrin (phase one) powdered milk formula for babies aged 0 to 6 months. The Israeli Health Ministry and the company maintained that the abnormal findings were discovered as part of quality control at the factory and that the infected formula did not reach the market. The Materna factory said there would probably be a shortage of the product, which Orthodox Jews families favor because of a “higher level of rabbinical supervision” and the fact that it is made from cow’s milk at farms run by Jews. Cronobacter is naturally found in the environment and is particularly good at surviving in low-moisture, dry foods such as powdered infant formula. In a processing facility, Cronobacter can get into powdered formula if the manufacturer uses contaminated ingredients to make the formula or if the powder touches a contaminated surface. The news brought back unpleasant memories of a scandal precisely 20 years ago in which German-made Remedia-Mehadrin pareve soy-based infant formula approved by the Health Ministry lacked the vital vitamin B1 and caused the deaths of three infants and severe injury to more than 20.@

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