In-flight transmission of foodborne disease: How dangerous it is?

A commentary published in Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease (January 2020) discusses that foodborne disease during air travel can cause a serious problem to all on board, and potentially jeopardize flight safety. On flights, not enough attention is being paid to food safety. Regulations remained largely unmodified in terms of basic hygiene requirements. The guidelines for food hygiene exist for on-ground food settings and catering kitchens do not exist for airlines. There are no clear hygiene standards onboard commercial aircraft and little regulatory oversight of what happens to food in-flight. The potential risks associated with poor food handling practice onboard aircraft, are discussed, with the ultimate goal of bringing aviation food safety in line with on-ground regulations. Changes in cabin design alongside adequate training in safe food handling have the potential to increase public health protection.  The authors urge a review of existing in-flight hygiene protocols to better direct the development of regulation, prevention, and intervention measures for aviation food safety. @

 In-flight transmission of foodborne disease: How can airlines improve?
In-flight transmission of foodborne disease: How can airlines improve?

Food contamination during air travel presents unique risks to those affected. Foodborne pathogens can cause serious illness among all on board, and po…

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