In China poultry and eggs supply are limited as frozen pork, chicken, beef pile up at ports due to Coronavirus

Restrictions on moving livestock have paralyzed the supply chains of poultry and eggs, leaving farmers stuck with large inventories. Chinese officials are predicting that the coronavirus outbreak could affect the availability of poultry and egg products in the second and third quarter of 2020. Many of China’s live poultry markets have been closed, transportation of poultry has been restricted and some slaughterhouses have been closed. China’s agriculture and transport ministries have told local authorities to allow companies involved in feed-production and poultry-slaughtering to resume work as soon as possible and overcome disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of containers of frozen pork, chicken and beef are also accumulating at some of China’s major ports as transport disruptions and labor shortages slow operations. It remains unclear when port operations will return to normal as truck drivers returning from other cities are quarantined for 14 days and other transport restrictions on trucks remain in place.  @

 ‘Loss of China’s poultry industry would very serious’, says official amid virus
‘Loss of China’s poultry industry would very serious’, says official amid virus

Restrictions on moving livestock and extended holidays aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus have paralysed supply chains, leaving farmers stuck with inventories.

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