Gottlieb talked with Reporters about the lettuce outbreak, FSMA, definition of milk at FDA meeting

Joan Murphy reported that DR. Gottlieb FDA Commissioner expressed the frustration of regulators for not yet identifying the source of the romaine lettuce outbreak. He implied that they are moving closer to solving the problem. He said: “We hopefully will have more to say very soon about that. We certainly want to figure this out before the next growing season starts.”Today FDA detects outbreaks more easily due to whole genome sequencing. He promised that the FDA is developing a policy to name locations selling recalled products. As for farm inspections Gottlieb claimed that the FDA wants to get resources to states “to take on more of the responsibility for conducting inspections required under FDA, and we would in time reorient our inspection force to do more overseas inspections,” “.. if FDA assures them that those people who export food to the United States are subject to the same regulations as our producers, that would give them a lot more confidence and help” to compete in the global marketplace, he said. @
Gottlieb talks lettuce outbreak, FSMA, definition of milk at FDA meeting

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the agency is working on a policy to name retailers in food recalls and discussed next steps in resolving the debate over the standard of identity for milk, among other issues that came up this week.

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