Frozen Vegetable Plant Reopens After Being Linked to Listeria Two Years Ago

A former Pasco, WA vegetable processing plant once owned by CRF Frozen Foods, will reopen in spring under new ownership (Simplot RDO) and a new name following last year shutdown due to Listeria outbreak. The plant closed in April 2016 after CRF recalled hundreds of products sold by dozens of brands, prompting a series of secondary recalls of products made with the recalled frozen vegetables. The company’s frozen corn and peas were contaminated with the same strain of Listeria monocytogenes that had infected people in at least three states. Recalled products were sold across the U.S. and Canada. The facility is being rebuilt to ensure the highest standards of food safety. @
Food plant linked to listeria to reopen under new name

A former Pasco vegetable processing plant will reopen in spring under new ownership and a new name following a shutdown after a listeria outbreak last year.

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