France cheese manufacturer of Reblochon cheese recalled products after E. coli outbreak

French food retailer Leclerc recalled Reblochon products, produced from raw milk, by cheesemaker Chabert. The recall includes Reblochon made at the production facility in the French Alps and sold by various retailers, including Carrefour and Intermarché. The recall in France involves about 350 tons of cheese. The cheese was recalled after seven children in France have been confirmed with E. coli O26 infections linked to the recalled cheese. Six have developed hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). The outbreak in France has prompted Canadian officials to initiate a recall of imported Reblochon cheese. @
France extends cheese recall after E.coli cases in children

All Reblochon cheese coming from a factory in the French Alps should be removed from the market after young children were found to have been infected by a E.coli bacteria linked to the raw milk based product, the French agriculture ministry said on Monday.

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