Food Laboratories request that the FDA releases FSMA lab proposed rule

Although most of the FSMA rules were finalized and published a long time ago the Food laboratory accreditation and model laboratory standards are not yet published.  Food Quality and Safety report that a variety of laboratory organizations are getting together to demand that the rules be published. Currently, most laboratories voluntarily use the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, the official standards have not been issued. Heather Jordan, director of LGC Proficiency testing operations, says, “The law calls for model standards that laboratories must meet for accreditation purposes. But surprisingly, existing standards are all voluntary. If we’re going to make critical decisions based on lab test results, we need to ensure their accuracy.”  When FDA might release the rule remains unknown. “The sooner the better,” says Brad Goskowicz, CEO of Microbiologics. “We look forward to reviewing the FDA proposed rule and offering public comments.”@

 Delayed FSMA Lab Proposed Rule Causes Frustration
Delayed FSMA Lab Proposed Rule Causes Frustration

Organizations ban together in response to FDA’s long delay in releasing a FSMA rule that addresses lab accreditation and model lab standards.

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