FDA’s strategy to help prevent Listeriosis and Salmonellosis outbreaks in imported Enoki and Wood Ear mushrooms

In 2020, the FDA investigated a multistate outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes infections linked to consuming imported enoki mushrooms that sickened 26 people. Testing identified a matching strain of L. monocytogenes in enoki mushrooms from the Republic of Korea. The outbreak resulted in 4 deaths and 31 hospitalizations and cost an estimated $127 million in consumer health-related losses. Also, in 2020, an outbreak of Salmonella Stanley linked to imported wood ear mushrooms imported from China with a total of 55 illnesses was reported in 12 states. The FDA will engage food safety authorities in the ROK, China, Canada, and Japan to better understand the potential sources of contamination in enoki and wood ear mushrooms and prevention methods. Research will be conducted to understand better. The FDA will be researching to understand better the survival of L. monocytogenes and Salmonella the mushrooms. The FDA will optimize its border surveillance by targeting the highest-risk products for sampling at a port of entry, a shipment positive for pathogens may be prevented from entering domestic commerce. An increasing sampling of specialty mushrooms in the U.S. This could result in potentially contaminated products being recalled and removed from the market. The FDA will encourage and support research efforts to broaden the body of scientific knowledge about measures that can be taken to reduce future incidences of foodborne illness related to specialty mushrooms. @ https://www.fda.gov/food/new-era-smarter-food-safety/summary-fdas-strategy-help-prevent-listeriosis-and-salmonellosis-outbreaks-associated-imported-enoki


 FDA’s Strategy to Help Prevent Listeriosis and Salmonellosis Outbreaks
FDA’s Strategy to Help Prevent Listeriosis and Salmonellosis Outbreaks

The FDA believes it is imperative that we share data, knowledge, and information, and work collaboratively to enhance food safety and advance the goals and objectives of FDA’s Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food

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