FDA update on the outbreak of Hepatitis A in frozen strawberries (February 2023)

The FDA, CDC, and state and local partners are investigating an outbreak of hepatitis infections linked to frozen organic strawberries imported by a common supplier from Baja, California, Mexico. The frozen organic strawberries were sold to various retailers under multiple brand labels. Based on epidemiological data collected by CDC, 7/7 (100%) people (5 from WA and 2 from CA)who provided information about what they ate before becoming ill reported eating frozen organic strawberries. Two people were hospitalized. FDA’s traceback investigation identified a common supplier of frozen organic strawberries. Strawberries were imported from farms in Baja, California, Mexico, in 2022. Additionally, the strain of hepatitis A virus causing illnesses this year is genetically identical to the strain that caused the outbreak in 2022, which was linked to fresh organic strawberries imported from Baja California, Mexico, and sold at various retailers. @ https://www.fda.gov/food/outbreaks-foodborne-illness/outbreak-investigation-hepatitis-virus-infections-frozen-strawberries-february-2023?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery


 Hepatitis A Virus Infections: Frozen Strawberries (February 2023)
Hepatitis A Virus Infections: Frozen Strawberries (February 2023)

Additional cases have been added. Do not eat, sell, or serve recalled Frozen Organic Strawberries. FDA’s investigation is ongoing.

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