FDA is asking shareholders for innovative tools for food traceability and dialogue on advancing food safety

On June 1, the FDA will launch low-cost or no-cost technology-enabled traceability. They ask stakeholders, including technology providers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, to develop traceability tools that can be implemented in a scalable, cost-effective way for food operations of all sizes. The affordability of such technologies can be a barrier to adaptation. The FDA would like to encourage the development of creative financial models that are low to no-cost solutions and act as catalysts for change. The goal of the FDA is to reduce foodborne illness in this country by doing everything we can to prevent the contamination of foods. Their way of doing so is to tap into the wealth of expertise and information found in government, industry, academia, and other resources in the public and private sectors. @ https://www.fda.gov/news-events/fda-voices/fda-seeks-innovative-food-traceability-tools-and-opens-dialogue-advancing-food-safety-technology

 FDA Seeks Innovative Food Traceability Tools and Opens a Dialogue
FDA Seeks Innovative Food Traceability Tools and Opens a Dialogue

FDA is working differently to enhance food traceability and support the use of technology to strengthen the food safety system.

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