FDA investigates another infant death potentially related to Abbott baby formula

On June 22, the FDA reported that it was investigating the death of another infant that occurred in January 2022 and is potentially related to Abbott baby formula. The FDA said it was notified of the death through a consumer complaint received on June 10, 2022. “The agency has initiated an investigation, given that the complaint referenced that the infant had consumed an Abbott product. However, the investigation of this most recent consumer complaint is in its preliminary stages, and the agency will provide an update as it learns more,” the statement read. The FDA has previously reported reviewing complaints related to nine infant deaths. Two were found to be associated with the Abbott Nutrition Sturgis plant investigation. However, the FDA notes that, despite extensive investigation, the evidence does not rule in or rule out a definitive link between these infant deaths and the product produced at Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan-based plant. Abbott said on Thursday there was currently no evidence to suggest a connection between the death and its baby formula, adding that there was limited clinical and product information provided when the FDA notified the company last week. The company said it would investigate further if additional data become available. @ https://foodsafetytech.com/news_article/fda-investigating-another-infant-death-potentially-related-to-abbott-baby-formula/

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