FDA Advises not to serve, sell and eat chopped clams illegally harvested in Massachusetts and distributed by Red’s Best

The FDA advised consumers not to eat, restaurants and food retailers not to sell, and to dispose of Red’s Best chopped clams that were illegally harvested from prohibited waters in MA on 11/25/2023 and 11/26/2023 with lot numbers # 331 and # 333 and shuck dates of 23/331 and 23/333, because they may be contaminated. The chopped clams were directly distributed to distributors and retailers in CT, MA, NY, and RI and may have been distributed further from these states. Clams harvested illegally may be contaminated with human pathogens, toxic elements, or poisonous or deleterious substances and can cause illness if consumed. All chopped clams were packed in one-gallon (8 lbs) plastic containers with “Red’s Best” printed on the sidewall. @ https://www.fda.gov/food/alerts-advisories-safety-information/fda-advises-restaurants-and-retailers-not-serve-or-sell-and-consumers-not-eat-chopped-clams?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery


 Do Not to Serve, Sell, or Eat Clams Illegally Harvested in MA
Do Not to Serve, Sell, or Eat Clams Illegally Harvested in MA

FDA Advises Restaurants and Retailers Not to Serve or Sell and Consumers Not to Eat Clams Illegally Harvested in Massachusetts

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