Eden Green Technology™, Debuts a new Produce Line that is Freshly Picked, Pesticide-, Herbicide- and Chemical-Free

Walmart is going to feature a new line of produce manufactured by Eden Green Technology. It is the first vertical farm. Eden Green Technology's Crisply produce grows in greenhouses in proprietary vine-like systems. The company's technology encloses each plant in a medium less (no soil), microclimate bubble, which is monitored and optimized for growth and mitigating contamination. Eden Green Technology expects to grow 10 to 15 harvests a year, compared to an average of two harvests for conventional, soil-based farms. The company's technology enables plants to feed on a continuous flow of nutrient-filled water and natural sunlight. This technology will be able to grow leafy produce free of pathogens, in a totally traceable environment. @ https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/eden-green-technology-a-next-generation-farming-company-debuts-crisply-a-freshly-picked-pesticide--herbicide--and-chemical-free-produce-line-300672684.html
Eden Green Technology™, a Next-Generation Farming Company, Debuts Crisply, a Freshly Picked, Pesticide-, Herbicide- and Chemical-Free Produce Line

DALLAS, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Eden Green Technology, a next generation vertical farming company, unveiled…

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