Core Update June 12, 2024

CORE update of June 12, 2024: the CORE list of outbreaks and adverse events includes six activities. An investigation of illnesses (ref #1233) linked to Diamond Shruumz-brand Chocolate Bars, Cones, and Gummies has been added to the table, and the FDA has issued an advisory. Consumers should not eat, sell, or serve any flavor of Diamond Shruumz-brand Chocolate Bars, Cones, and Gummies and should discard them. FDA has initiated sample collection and analysis. The cause of the illness has not yet been identified. FDA’s investigation is ongoing. Updates will be provided as they become available. In collaboration with state and local partners, the FDA and CDC are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Africana (ref #1227) illnesses that may be linked to cucumbers. The case count for this outbreak increased from 162 to 196. FDA and CDC are also investigating an outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup (ref #1229) illnesses that shares several similarities with the Salmonella Africana outbreak, including where and when illnesses occurred and the demographics of ill people. For the outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup illnesses, the case count has increased from 158 to 185. Investigators are working to determine whether the two outbreaks could be linked to the same food. 


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